Unrivalled Customer Service

Why Choose Us?

Mark Clover Wedding Cars is a professional family run business established in 1994. Over this time we have built up our fleet of cars, all of which we own.

The cars are maintained to a high standard and are fully insured for wedding hire. We are very proud of our reputation of giving a reliable and friendly service backed by experience.

All our wedding cars are driven by experienced reliable chauffeurs who have many years of experience. We are very proud of the service we offer.

We really enjoy being part of such an important day and we will try and make it that little bit more special by giving you the best service possible.

Our company receives many letters of thanks and our cars are always admired wherever they go. But don’t just take our word for it please come and meet us and view the cars for yourselves.

A Day In The Life

A typical day would begin the day before the wedding. All cars that are booked would have their oil, water, tyres and fuel checked.

On the day we generally start at around 7am. All the cars are washed, polished and the interiors cleaned. The ribbons are then replaced. All the cars have umbrellas, but hopefully these will not be needed.

The drivers arrive to collect the cars in good time having had all relevant information and directions supplied at least a week before. Where possible, we drive the routes or check reception venues if we haven’t been to them before.

The car (or cars) will arrive at the starting location at a prearranged time, allowing plenty of opportunity for photographs. If there are two cars booked, the first will leave with the bridesmaids and the mother of the bride so it can arrive at the church or registry about 15 minutes before the start of the ceremony. This enables the ushers to encourage the guests to make their way inside before the arrival of the bride. The bride and escort will arrive in the main car in good time which allows for photos to be taken.

Whilst the wedding takes place we will tidy interiors, confirm the route to the reception and generally clean the cars. If champagne has been ordered, we will also get this ready. If possible, after the photographs, both cars will leave together for the reception. When we arrive at the venue we park the cars and are happy to fulfill most photographic requests. When you go inside to start your reception this is usually when we leave.

We only ever do one wedding per car, per day and the job takes as long as it takes. On returning to base, we check the cars over, put them away ready for the following week. Our day finishes at around 6.30pm.