In early January 2019, I took a booking for a celebrity wedding in the South of France, I was told the couple would remain undisclosed to protect their privacy and wedding plans and I was asked to sign a confidentiality form. They booked Anne who at the time was undergoing a full mechanical and body restoration so the timing was perfect as Anne would be in immaculate condition and top-notch mechanically.

The preparations began with hiring a large enclosed trailer to transport the Anne to France, at nearly two and a half tons it had to be sturdy. As I loaded Anne into the wide wheel-based trailer a metal support rail slipped onto the car damaging her off-side wing. Frantically I called the paint shop and delivered her back for them to work overnight repairing the damage.

At 6.30 am Anne was ready again and so round two of loading her into the trailer. Thankfully no further hiccups and I made the long journey down through the heart of France; Montelimar, Avignon and final destination Cavaillon.

The wedding took place at 7 pm in the most picturesque location I have ever seen. A wonderful Ch√Ęteau surrounded by beautiful woodlands, the perfect setting for a couple to take their vows. Sophie came out looking utterly stunning and as helicopters circled overhead I drove her the short distance to her wedding venue.

Battling against 40-degree heat, and driving a wide wheel-based trailer through winding roads it really was a challenge to deliver Anne in perfect condition but we managed it and it was an amazing experience to be part of such a celebrity couple’s big day.